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Donington Historic Festival

4th May 2024


Club Alpine Renault has a reserved space at Donington on the Saturday with space on the infield reserved for up to 8 members (of our club and RAOC members are also invited). Entry allows members to bring their cars and park them inside the circuit. The price is for the car and driver any club member can register their car to attend but you will need to own an Alpine and register it with MSV. All bookings made using this code will be visible to the club and anyone trying to book who is not a member will have their application cancelled.



You need to book via the MSA website as follows

Go to: https://displaymyvehicle.msv.com/calendar/donington-park/2024/may/donington-historic-festival/apply?group=9bff2bd2-2cde-495f-a91a-37daacd9ce36

If it is not registered with them, you will need to register your car

TICKET SELECTION: IMPORTANT - the online club ordering system automatically puts one combined adult driver entry ticket/display vehicle parking pass for your chosen day/days into your shopping basket before you get to the ticket selection area. This ticket gives entry to both the driver and their car. So, when you get to ticket selection, just select any passenger entry tickets that you may need.

Please note, there is no telephone booking facility, and the club discount is only available to those bringing a display vehicle (and their vehicle passengers).

Need to amend the details of your registered display car once you have bought your driver entry ticket? Email events@msv.com and they will be able to change the vehicle details in their system and issue a replacement combined display parking pass/driver entry ticket for you.

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