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Le Vie En Bleu, Prescott

27/28 May


Watch this space for updates. We have already been made aware that some of the usual competitors who bring their Renaults and Alpines to the event are not attending this year so that cars we come to watch on Sunday will mostly be absent. Secondly, as you may well be aware, the demonstration runs up the hill by spectators cars in the Orchard are no more—Prescott organisers decided they were too much trouble. And now, there will no longer be club designated parking - the cars will be parked in rows as they arrive—the organisers have suggested that if club members want to park together they need to meet up away from the event and then arrive in convoy. All of this has led the RAOC (whose space we share) to seriously consider not attending the event . I will keep you posted on negotiations but at the moment it does not look promising.

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