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Historic Masters Series at Brands Hatch

27/28 May


I have applied to Brands Hatch regarding displaying cars at the Masters Series (behind the main start finish line straight). They have said we can do this, anyone who would like to bring their car along on the Sunday then will get a free car pass and 1 free entry ticket (for the driver) Ė additional passengers need to have entry tickets. This might be an alternative event to go to on Sunday instead of Vie En Bleu and if we get a few cars together we might even get a couple of laps. This event uses the GP circuit, so lots of quiet viewing areas on the old part of the circuit, some donít have catch fences to block your view. If you have not been before it is a great event and much less busy than Silverstone or Goodwood. If you would like to go, please email john.sweet99@gmail.com

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