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Alpine A610

The A610 represented the end of the line for Alpine production out of the Dieppe factory. A total of 818 were built according to factory records of which 67 where right hand drive. Production started in 91 and finished in 95.

The A610 boasted a new 3 litre engine with Garrett turbo producing 250 BHP with a 0 to 60mph of 5.7 secs. The composite bodied super car was the French equivalent of the Porsche. Final production featured leather interior, C.D. player and sport alloy wheels as standard.

In 1994 a Bi-Turbo version was entered for Le Mans carrying on the Alpine competitive tradition, finishing a very respectable 13th overall. The model was poorly marketed in the U.K. by Renault who were unable to use the Alpine name here. So slipped away into obscurity, one of the best value for money super cars of its day.

In July 2001 Classic and Sports car magazine ran a comparative test against Porsche, Lotus, TVR and Ferrari. It concluded the article by saying "Look no further for your adrenalin-charged thrills. That the A610 has been so criminally over looked for so long is a crying shame, but you secretly hope that things stay that way. Drive one and you'll take it to your heart. So ignore it, please. We don't want anyone else to know about the Alpine's existence"

I know they were impressed, I was there!

Tim Jeffrey


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